​​Join the Long Term Care Data Cooperative! A national effort to improve the care of long term and post-acute care recipients, and to monitor the impact of treatment innovations and policy initiatives on this population.​​

Why Join?

A major barrier to developing appropriate clinical and operational responses during this global pandemic is the lack of comprehensive data. Brown University and AHCA facilitated communication between selected EMR vendors and the CDC, and both initiatives offered the first glimpse of “real time” data on the status of the pandemic in nursing ​homes. The data sharing and collaborative spirit that has arisen during this time led to the concept of an industry wide centralized data sharing cooperative.​


What Will Be Collected?

The LTC D​ata Cooperative ​represents the coming together of major long term care EMR vendors, and thousands of nursing homes to create a real time data infrastructure to undertake public health surveillance and will also have the ability to examine changes in the use of clinical treatments. It can also be used to evaluate the impact policies have on resident outcomes. Together Brown University and AHCA have partnered with data science expert Exponent Inc., to collect and analyze EMR vendor data in a secure platform to identify trends in residents’ clinical status, care practices and outcomes that will help improve resident care. 

All participants will have the opportunity to:
  1. Receive routine reports to assist with care coordination and improve operations and clinical systems of care. 
  2. View linkage of available EMR data to Medicare Claims. 
  3. Voluntarily participate in research funded through NIH Funded academic partners.


It is FREE for all nursing homes.​​